Hemp CBD Oil Is The New Disruptive Innovation

Differences in Hemp and Marijuana

Hemp, which is from the cannabis species as is marijuana, but both have their own unique qualities. Those different characteristics are much like oranges and lemons that both come from the citrus species, being different in a number of ways but still citrus in nature.

Hemp, the Superfood Supplement

Hemp, (the health without the high), is equipped with many analgesics and anti-inflammatory properties that are found in the terpenes and cannabinoids that the plant produces. Higher in CBD, (cannabidiol), than marijuana, the full spectrum, (whole plant), does have trace elements of THC, but not enough to feel “stoned” as they say, that people find in its cousin variety of marijuana.

Hemp Provided Freedom

Since the 2014 Farm Bill took effect, along with the Hemp Research Act in the provisions, it as opened up many industry avenues far and wide with new, disruptive innovations in business far beyond anybody’s imagination! As many of you know, the incredible 2014 U.S. Farm Bill contained the ever so small section that was tucked away deep inside, called “Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research.”

In this section, Congress legalized hemp in an important, but small way for research purposes. It did so by carving out an exception to the controlled substances act’s definition of “cannabis” for what it terms “industrial hemp.” Industrial hemp is defined as “the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of such plant, whether growing or not, with a [THC] concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.” That unleashed the genie from the bottle and the rest is history!

Hemp Oil Products Exploded Across America

The exponential growth of the THC-free analgesic product throughout the Western world is expected to reach $535 Million by the end of 2018,  reaching close to $2 Billion by 2022 in everything from pet supplements to human health products like CBD derived coffee, creamers, CBD lotions, creams, and even CBD topical rubs that include emu for pain relief.

CBD Sales
CBD Projections from the Hemp Business Journal

CBD is a true “disruptor” to man-made pharmaceuticals along with many other industries due to the incredible strength of its fiber for an unknown number of uses that are only now being realized as more research and development are being done across the globe.

Hemp Plant Uses
Not Just A Superfood Supplement

Without a doubt, Hemp is here to stay, and many like myself have now built a home-based business using a free global marketing system specifically designed to reach across the planet for years to come!

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