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Welcome, And Here’s More About N Ryan Paterson

Hello and thanks for visting my site!

I’m an Internet entrepreneur and social media strategist, both on the World Wide Web and offline in the real world and this is my website. I live in Oklahoma City, where I was laid-off by my last employer after 18 years on that particular job and never reentered the job market.


Making the drastic change from employee to entrepreneur was a rough start, as it is with most people where a 98% failure rate is not uncommon. There are over 200,000 people a day looking to start an online endeavor of their own, and unfortunately, many don’t succeed. Rarely do people make over $1,000.00 in their entire career online and that’s a statistic I want to change!


As an Online-Offline Marketing Entrepreneur, I struggled for the first year acclimating until I found retail arbitrage and found success as an FBA seller on Amazon. From there, I grew my business steadily and transitioned out of retail arbitrage by beginning to work with different suppliers in the area to increase the size and scope of my online store. The next step for me was diving into private labeling products that opened-up a whole new world of marketing and time freedom.


Now I get to spend more time working on my passion of helping other attain success on and off line in the real world. I like coordinating events by bring the different elements together for people by showing them how to avoid the pitfalls, (of which there are many), and point toward daily activities that lead to the process of making profit and not wasting time on futile busy-ness. Building an organization that will create their own legacy, so in general, I love touching and helping to improving people’s lives now, and for the future.


Some of my past work history included new hire training from the interview process all the way into become a vibrant production specialist. I was a safety coordinator in all departments at all levels that included daily briefings, and on-going training with follow-ups to ensure quality of the end product as well as complete customer satisfaction.


My position also entailed hands-on with employees and their paperwork moving them through worker’s comp cases in and outside of court, working with insurance companies, unemployment cases, phone depositions, all the way back to being a productive part of the team again.


But now, my focus for the future is helping others become freedom entrepreneurs who are liberated from a J.O.B. and their alarm clocks!

This is by no means complete, but that will have to wait for another day, so this is just a small glimpse. Thanks for showing so much interest by reading this far!


Warm Regards,

N Ryan Paterson